The Good Set Up For Small Living Room Designs

cozy small living room

There are some good set up ideas for small living room designs. And keeping furniture to a minimum would be the first idea and essential to set up small living room designs. The available space should be considered before choosing the furniture. Too many big, bulky pieces can make a space look smaller than it really is. Using fewer and slimmer pieces will work better.

The sofa should be comfortable, because it will likely be the most used piece of furniture in the room. A chair or two can also be added, if there is space. A glider or rocking chair may take up less space than the matching chairs that often come with a sofa. A place for the television and other electronics is a must, but try to find something that is not too large. A couple of stands, with shelves, can be placed in the room for storage and decorative purposes. And, if you feel that a coffee table is necessary, look for one that has shelves, drawers or cupboards for added storage. These items will help to keep non-essential items out of site. The decorative elements you use in the small living room designs will also dictate whether the space feels small or spacious. Paint is one of the most important elements to look at when it comes to a small space. You want something that will make the room feel big rather than stuffy. Bright paint colors are good for this purpose.

The room can be trimmed in another color to match. Lighting is also important to set up small living room designs. Many homes include a ceiling light fixture in the living room, but it is usually not very attractive and does not light well. Change the light’s cover to go with your decor, and look for energy-efficient light bulbs that cast a softer glow over the area while providing good light. Add a couple of table or floor lamps to the room as well, using the same light bulb criteria.

Last but not least, keeping wall elements to a minimum would be a good set up. One large picture on the wall above the sofa, as well as some strategically placed, nicely framed family photographs, will go a long way. A low floral centerpiece placed on the coffee table, with a candle on either side, will give the room simple elegance. A few books stacked on a stand will give the room a homey feel.

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