Glass Block Shower Remodel Design

There are many different designs of glass block showers you can choose. The glass blocks that usually are used have a diamond pattern or frosted glass. When constructing a glass block shower, the blocks are four to six inches thick with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. For a modern look, choose a curved glass block wall. One of them advantages of using a glass block shower is that they are very easy to clean. Just remember that you need to look at the space you have for installing the shower before choosing a design.

  • Small bathrooms—use an enclosed rectangular shower stall that is constructed out of glass blocks
  • Large bathrooms—incorporate elements like curved walls, or a frosted glass door with an aluminum frame that has a silver finish.
  • To utilize a corner area put the glass blocks in a diamond shape or a checkered design by alternating glass blocks with two coordinating colors that match bathroom remodel.
  • Use multi-colored glass blocks for a dramatic effect in a large bathroom or dark colored glass blocks in colors that coordinate with the bathroom tiles and floors.

Ceramic tile shower remodel designs

These types of tiles are perfect for your bathroom as they come in various colors and can blend well with any theme.

  • A simple design made of two colors
  • A unique pattern that is based on a particular picture or idea like a ceramic tile mural that is painted, mural artists. You can find abstracts of trees, animals, scenes, etc. These tiles are resistant to moisture, heat, and are durable.
  • Use a chair rail design with different types of tiles with contrasting colors.

Marble walls shower remodel design

Using marble shower walls is one of the most attractive and modern options for a shower remodel plans. If you want to give your shower area a rich, regal look, choose marble walls for your shower enclosure. If your shower walls have cultured or natural marble wall, your bathroom will have a classy, luxurious look. You can get marble tiles or marble sheets. One thing to note is that marble does absorb water, so you need to use a sealant. When using marble tiles, you will need to use grout between the tiles so if you do not want to see grout lines use marble sheets but make sure that the walls where you are going to install the sheets are strong enough to support them.

  • For an elegant, contemporary look use original mini marble tiles in two tomes like off-white and dusty pink. For a modern bathroom install them in either a checkered or crisscross pattern.
  • For a glamorous look to a great bathroom use sheets of black marble with a matte finish.
  • Use glass tiles on the bottom of the shower wall with white marble tiles on the top.
  • Use natural marble tiles with a swirling pattern.

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